What are the features your users found most valuable?

We have a range of features tailored to both CLO manager and direct lenders. We believe it is fundamental not to just make data available but also help users navigate borrowers’ financials in an intuitive, intelligent way.

• PDF tagging

Users can click through to management accounts issued by borrowers

• Editing

We give users the ability to run their own adjustments and scenarios on Management Accounts’ data. Having data in a digitalised format allows for greater ability to edit data. For example, users can download the underlying excel model and add their own calculations; e.g. have their own EBITDA adjustment, and then sync back that change to the platform. Data is not siloed into files and documents but it is instead very easy to query and edit.

• Notifications

Credit Vision can notify users based on their preferences to alert them of key events such as a company missing a reporting deadline, covenants being breached (or about to be breached) or other relevant events.