Why have you created Credit-Vision?

Credit Vision brings a new and improved approach to portfolio monitoring. Undetected and mispriced credit risk is still a worry for managers, particularly at the current point in the credit cycle. Thanks to Credit Vision early interventions is possible and allows to minimise portfolio credit issues. Our platform provides CLO and Private Debt Managers with the toolkit they need to accurately assess credit risk and capture market opportunities.

Credit-Vision offers superior engagement through a powerful, user friendly platform that delivers near real-time insights. Analytics dashboards help empower more effective decision-making, minimising risk and ultimately creating value to investors.

Okay, but give me a real life example of your value proposition

“Following a difficult restructuring of a French borrower a few years ago, a Senior Portfolio Manager confessed to me in Paris " I hate surprises, especially in my portfolio. I want to keep disappointments from becoming disasters such as this one, even more so given where we are in the credit cycle.” Another lender added “The signs were there, I wish I saw this coming.” Portfolio Managers require technology to efficiently and accurately assess credit-risk. That is why we created Credit-Vision. Credit-Vision helps Portfolio Managers steer away from reefs and hazards, it is a tool to promote confident investment decisions.